Modular Design Allows Any Flow Rate Required

200m3 to 5000m3

5000m3 to 500000m3++++

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Economical & Chemical Free Solution

for Water Treatment Plants.
Delivering highly effective water purification and disinfection, AguaPods ozone-membrane process occupies up to 40% less space than conventional coagulation systems. With coagulation eliminated from the treatment process, the DaguaFlo solution has a clear edge over the competition.

AguaPods are the economical solution for purifying water for human consumption. Using a chemical-free process, AguaPods deliver a continuous supply of fresh potable water that meets even the most rigorous of health standards.

  • Effective at treating both contaminated and polluted sources.
  • AguaPods are easy to maintain and operate.
  • Can be quickly transported anywhere needed.
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Why People Choose Aguapods


Chemical Free -Use of Ozone means no chemical handling, safer, cleaner systems.

Environmental & Sustainable

Ozone used for oxidation of particulate matter and membrane cleaning, so no chemicals to process from cleaning water rejected to the environment.

Cost effective

Using advanced technology. Fully automated containerized system – Plug and Play.

Complete Solutions

Containerized solutions for Municipal; Recreational (hotels, campgrounds, etc.); Industrial (mining, forestry, etc.); Disaster Relief

years of experience

The Aguapods containerized drinking water solutions are based on the Dagua Technology that has been developed over 20 years. Dagua is a manufacturer of mid to large scale drinking water plants.