AguaPods is a division of Dagua. All our Pods are shipped in 20 or 40 foot containers customized to the client’s needs.

With over twenty years of experience in the field, Dagua’s technological success reflects its commitment to developing practical solutions for purifying water. A privately-held company, Dagua is led by a team of leaders in engineering, and corporate management. The company’s technical partners include university research chairs, accredited laboratories, and engineering firms. Now represented in over 25 countries, Dagua through their partnerships with clients have best facilitated the deployment, commissioning, operation and maintenance of its systems and plants.

Significant savings in combined operating and capital costs

Moreover, Dagua is also competitive in providing turnkey projects that include its treatment technology and all peripheral infrastructure (e.g., building, reservoir, power generator). Table 2 compares the Dagua solution with those of three other competitors for a project with a design flow of 2 000/ m3 per day.

All told, the technological breakthrough that Dagua has accomplished in chemical-free water treatment enables community decision makers to balance their financial capacities with both regulatory requirements for drinking water and the growing support for sustainable development.

AguaPods are Highly efficient, automated and safe

Using the DaguaFlo solution not only streamlines plant operations by eliminating the need for chemical products and sludge management, but continuously monitors drinking water quality and plant operations as well. Regardless of variations in the quality of your raw water, you can always count on a reliable supply of high-quality drinking water, with only 60 minutes of operator attention per day.

For additional ease of operation, a telemetric link (modem or Internet) enables you to monitor and manage plant operations from a remote location. As well, the plant makes process adjustments in response to fluctuations in raw water quality and performs regular system cleanings automatically.